Care of the battery

How to take care of the battery for an Airsoft replica? 🔋

Although taking care of your battery may seem like a science, it's actually just a few rules that you just need to follow and your battery will last you for countless events.

1.    Read the manual: Yes, it may sound ridiculously simple, but it still works: "And have you tried turning it off and on?" If you don't want to read the manual included with your battery or charger, at least read this one.

2.    Do not use inflated or otherwise damaged batteries: You don't have to be a technician or a modeler to know something is wrong with a battery. If your battery appears to be bloated, broken, or otherwise noticeably damaged - do not use it. Take it to a battery collection or contact us and we will advise you.

3.    Prevent battery damage: if you don't want to deal with point number two, try not to even get into it. Prevent it by handling the battery responsibly. So what to avoid? In the first place, definitely direct sunlight and high temperatures. Batteries also don't do well with water and humidity. Do not pull the batteries by force behind the cables, this is where the most common damage occurs. Take extreme care when inserting and removing the battery from the gun. Also avoid any home modifications to batteries. Leave battery connector replacement to the experts, like us.

4.    Transport and storage: store batteries in a cool, dry place. Protective bags made of non-flammable material are the best choice for storing and transporting batteries and come in small and large sizes. A protective airsoft battery case is great for use while charging the battery.

5.    Use only recommended chargers: to begin with, before you even start charging the battery, make sure that the charger you are going to use supports the type of battery you want to charge with it. Not all chargers support all battery types (Li-Po, Li-Ion, Li-Fe, NiMH).

How to charge an airsoft battery:

    Always charge under supervision: Charging doesn't always take just a few minutes, and it's tempting to forget about the battery and go do something else. However, it is always recommended to stay at home while charging. If you see any anomaly (puffing, hissing, smoke) while charging, disconnect the battery immediately.

    Adjust the charger correctly: Some chargers must be manually switched to charge properly.

    Use a quality charger: The better the charger, the longer the battery life.

    Do not overcharge or undercharge batteries: Once the battery is charged, disconnect it from the charger to prevent damage and shortened battery life. At the same time, never discharge a battery to the bottom, there is a risk that it will never work again as it will not be able to charge to its maximum capacity.

 ●    Dispose of batteries responsibly in the appropriate waste: Batteries are very specific and do not belong in mixed waste. Please look for the right place to dispose of them (red bins and rubbish bins, collection points).

Instructions for charging the different types of airsoft batteries:

Li-Po / Li-Pol / Li-Ion / Li-Fe batteries:

    Plug the charger into the mains.

    Use a balance charger designed for airsoft batteries.

    Plug the service (balancing) connector = the smaller white one into the charger.

    Set the charger to the correct voltage and charging rate for the specific battery (usually 7.4 V or 11.1 V). Some chargers are self-adjusting, such as the TITAN airsoft battery charger.

    Connect the main power connector to the charger. (Only if the charger type requires it)

    Make sure the balancing wires are properly connected and the charger is set to "Balance charge" mode.

    Start the charging process. Do not leave the battery unattended while charging.

    Disconnect the battery from the charger when fully charged.

NiMH batteries:

    Plug the charger into the mains.

    Use a charger compatible with NiMH batteries designed specifically for airsoft batteries.

    Connect the charger to the battery and make sure the polarity is correct (red to positive, black to negative).

    Set the charger to the appropriate voltage and charging rate

    (usually 8.4 V or 9.6 V).

    Start the charging process and monitor the battery until it is fully charged. The charging process can take up to 5 hours. (Do not charge the battery for more than 7 hours, if it is not fully charged after 7 hours, the battery may be defective or damaged)

    Disconnect the battery from the charger when the charging cycle is complete.

Anareus TIP: Keep the battery in a protective case or bag during the entire charging cycle!

Remember that airsoft replicas and batteries are dangerous, always prioritize your safety. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Better to ask a trivial question than to have your house burned down. See you at the playground!

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